Read and understand the contents of this page carefully before going to options selection page. After understanding the contents in this page,Click on I Understood button to get into the option page.

  1. The options selection page contains two tables
    • Colleges, courses and Coursetype on the lefthand side of the page.
    • Selected options in the order of priority on the righthand side.
  2. Enter Hall Ticket Number, Rank and Scratchcard Serial Number on the top.

    If everything you entered is correct, List of available colleges, courses, course type combinations are shown in the lefthand side table. You can filter the list in two ways by
    • District.
    • Starting letter of the college code(short code of 4 letters).
  3. To select the option: click on the college and course on the lefthand side table and click ADD button. An alert box will pop up asking confirmation to add the option. The selected college will be added to options table on the right hand side as last option.
  4. To delete the option: Select an option and click "Delete" Button. The selected option will be deleted and the options will be renumbered automatically.
  5. To change the priority: Select the option whose priority you want to change, drag and drop at the required place. The options will be renumbered automatically. (OR) Select the option and press the UP/DOWN arrow buttons present in between the tables to move up/down one level.
  6. To Save the options: Click the SAVE button in order to save the options in the server. After clicking, the SAVE button, a window prompts for PASSWORD. If the password is correct, then you will land onto a new page where all your options along with priority will be displayed. You can take a print of these saved options by clicking the "Print Saved Options" button.
  7. To Freeze the Saved Options: You can freeze the options only after you SAVE them. You can freeze the options only once . After FREEZING the options, you cannot alter further.
  8. Print Order of Preference of Options: You can print order of preference of options once you SAVE/FREEZE the options. You can also take a printout of the options from Webcounselling Details Menu and also from Home Page.
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